Welcome to JSCeramics

We make ceramic coasters, teapot-stands, spoon-rests, hanging hearts, door plaques, house signs and lots more.

We have seven styles:-

  • Thistle – our original design with thistle leaves and flowers.
  • New Thistle – an Art Nouveau take on thistles.
  • Mackintosh – based on a rose theme by C R Mackintosh.
  • Celtic – knot work designs inspired by the artwork of the Celts.
  • Pictish – Pictish symbols inspired by the carvings of the Picts.
  • Tartan – lilac tartan heart shaped designs with a sponged edge.
  • Pressed Leaf – with fresh leaves pressed into the clay.

We also have a Special Offers section with items that are only available on this website or in our Pottery Shop in Kinnesswood.