• Last posting dates

    Last posting dates

    The last official posting date for Australia is the 6th and for the United States and Canada is the 13th.

    I would not leave it that late as the post was slower than that last year.

  • More new items

    A whole new selection of Pressed Leaf items have been added. Including coasters and hanging hearts

  • Even more Pressed Flower coasters.

    I have added even more Pressed Flower coasters to the website to replace all those sold recently.

    Click on the image to see the new coasters.

  • Lots more Pressed leaf/flower items added.

    We have added lots more to the ‘One off Designs’ items in the pressed flowers and pressed leaf ranges. This is to replace all the ones we have sold recently and to give you a better choice of flowers/leaves.

  • New Celtic colour

    We are trying out a new colourway on our Celtic range, starting with a spoon-rest. Click on the picture to see more details.

  • Press Flower Wall Plaques

    We have added some lovely pressed flower wall plaques. These come in a range of colours and flowers. Click the picture to see them.

  • New Brooches

    We have added some new large brooches, both round and square.

    Click on the picture to see them.

  • House Plaques

    We have added a new range of house plaques to the website. They are available in the Thistle and Nouveau Thistle style, as well as Rose and Mackintosh designs. The plaque will not fade in the sun.

    Click on the picture to see the full range of plaques.

  • 2021

    Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy browsing it.

  • More Coasters

    We have added 10 new Asparagus Fern coasters. They have a subtle Christmassy feeling without being over the top.

    Click on the picture to see them all.

    Pressed Leaf Coaster